Scrum Master

As Scrum Master you facilitate and coach 1 to 2 Scrum teams. You will act as 'servant leader'for the Scrum Team. You will implement and improve SCRUM working process within and around the teams in your responsibility. You set the conditions to have the teams deliver at maximum performance.

You will actively challenge the team in order to continuously improve. As Scrum Master you will continuously put people in their strenght and remove impediments.

You will facilitate the cooperation and create a save environment where feedback is given and received.

As Scrum Master you will organize and lead all SCRUM events within the Sprints: Daily Scrum, planning sessions, refinement sessions, Sprint reviews, Sprint retrospectives and you follow up improvements in following Sprints.

  • 1 - 2 jaar relevant experience¬†in Agile Way of Working wihin a commercial or public environment;
  • Scrum Master certificate is a must
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