What can NNagility do for you?

We believe we can support you fundamentally change and improve your business.

Transformation by People with:

  • Personal responsibility 
  • Trust


  • Leadership: creating emotional connections
  • Vision:          aligned purpose, values, and goals
  • Strengths:   accentuate the positive
  • Innovation: good enough is not enough 


NNagility specializes in Business Agility, SAFe®, and Lean-Agile transformations. Our coaches have deep experience applying Scaled Agile, teaching Scaled Agile Practices, and optimizing Enterprise Value Streams.

Since 2014, we have successfully guided large companies in modernizing their business and software development processes.

    What can NNagility offer you?

    Ready for smooth Scaling?

    this will bring you

    • Higher Customer satisfaction 
    • Happier employees
    • Better business

    our vision

    • People make it happen
    • Leadership to take action 
    • Scale up in BEING Agile and DOING Agile


    • Teams 4 Teams
    • Go SAFe, Do SAFe, Be SAFe
    • 70:20:10 Learning model
    • Agile Scaling Unit


    Our team NNagility holds experienced consultants to support you with:  

    • Scaling Agile
    • SAFe coaching
    • Lean-Agile training
    • DevOps coaching

    We are ready for you as: Agile Coach, Agile Transformation Coach, Product Manager, Product Owner, Release Train Engineer, Scrum Master, Lean Portfolio Manager, Agile programme Manager, Agile project Manager or Agile Scaling Unit expert.


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